Who we are

Pearl FM is a Muslim founded news, talk and edutainment broadcast station operating in the 107.90 MHz in the FM band. Its main studio is situated at Plot 6B, Berkeley Road old Kampala. The station started broadcasting in 2010 and is operating a 24-hour broadcasting round covering local and international news, talk-show programs and edutainment participatory programs.

The listener ship area stretches from Central Uganda to southern west and eastern Uganda. The main languages of broadcasting are Luganda and Swahili. With all this 107.9 pearl FM’s listernership appeal to both  rural and urban listeners, young and old population segments with a large following of the Muslim community. Thus it is the right and reliable radio station to advertise with. In a bid to emphasis quality the station is registered and monitored by Ipsos .

With all this 107.9 Pearl FM’s listernership appeal more especially the Muslim community and non Muslims, both  rural and urban listeners, young and old population segments. Thus it is the best and reliable radio station to advertise with.

Radio Programming at PearlFM

107.9 Pearl FM develops programs with individuals, companies, NGOs, and Government institutions to provide educative and developmental education information directly to the people. More so, it involves local groups and organisations in programming and production, so as to tackle important issues such as development, agriculture, education for school-going children, civic education, health education, cultural identity, family and gender issues, problems of youth, AIDS prevention, and other issues. All the elements of the program- serials, debates, competitions, drama, magazines, announcements, station’s identities (jingles and signatures), questions, answers, advertisement breaks and news casts – have a specific timing and are right down to the second.

Broadcasting time is sold to companies/individuals who want to pass on their messages to the listeners. Companies can sponsor programs for agreed periods.