Pakistan University Moves to Improve Specialized Health Services at Masaka Hospital

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital will soon offer highly specialized healthcare services, thanks to a joint partnership with the Pakistan-based, Lahore University of Science.

The obtained capacity is a result of a public-private the partnership initiated in 2014, to establish a hi-tech subsidiary University of Science and Technology in Uganda, which will use Masaka Hospital as its training and practising station for specialized medical services.

The partnership eventually resulted in the establishment of Equator University of Science and Technology, which is operating from the backyard of Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. The two institutes have been directly interlinked to reinforce local capacities to offer highly specialized healthcare services and training.

Professor Fredrick Nozmo Mukiibi, the University’s Vice-Chancellor explains that the new complex has been equipped with an ultramodern Diagnostic and Imaging centre, specialized dental surgical equipment and clinic, and modern laboratories, among other units, which will support the enhancement of specialized healthcare service provision at Masaka hospital.

He adds that the partnership comes along with the opening-up of high-tech medical training for both new students and practising professionals at the hospital, which will eventually support in the creation of a critical mass of medical specialists required in the health sector.

According to Professor Mukiibi, the new facilities are going to support both teaching and local service provision at Masaka hospital, and save patients the burden of seeking referrals outside the region.

Awais Raoof, the University’s Chairman Board of Trustees, says that in the mid-term, they also intend to expand their healthcare education services outside Masaka, for purposes of ensuring that the country obtains a reasonable number of specialists to address the growing demand for healthcare.

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital Medical Director Dr Nathan Onyaki says that the project presents a grand opportunity for them towards meeting their aspiration of providing specialized investigations and services.

He explains that besides their dental department which has been operating with average capacity, the hospital has been yearning for Blood Culture testing services, a key laboratory procedure in detecting infections in patients’ bloodstreams; one of the major causes of illnesses.

Dr Onyaki is optimistic that the medical the complex is going to harness their capacities of efficiency levels in healthcare service provision.

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