By Our Reporter:

News reaching boxing world, Nasser Bukenya   is a professional boxing sensation. But in his home country, Uganda, he is a wanted man.

At 27 years of age, the Light weight Ugandan Boxer has been in 5 profession bouts. He has registered 4 wins. The former Uganda National Team Pugilist is known for his hard punch, quick feet and adroit boxer’s guards; his style has been likened to that of legends in international boxing such as Saul Canelo Alverez. The sports media across the world is always up in praises for his style of boxing.

Yet the same can’t be said about him in Uganda. Reports being circulated to different media platforms have it that he is a wanted man. Police has since issued a notice of wanting him.

He is wanted for participating in coital activities of a queer nature.  There is investigation which was going on for the death of a six [6] years old boy [name reserved] whom he used to train, boy believed to have succumbed death after results of LGBT activities. Investigations sting Bukenya for recruiting boys [he used to train] into LGBT, the incident believed to have happened in 2016.

“We are not just custodians of the law and order but of morality and the very originality of the cores of Ugandan culture” Police, people with his mindset and behavior need to be plucked out of society’s fabric. They need to be apprehended, so that they don’t spread their vices especially to young souls.

He resisted arrest and  reportedly gone missing.

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